Further Interest

Need help figuring out if derm is for you?


  • Speak to residents and attendings to get a sense of their research to figure out what interests you.
  • See if there are any interesting cases you can write up.
  • Join the DIG listserv by contacting harvardmed.dig@gmail.com. 
  • Meet with the clerkship heads.
  • See this spreadsheet.


  • How to identify a good mentor for you? Similar interests in derm projects, invested in teaching
  • It’s helpful to let them decide whether they have the bandwidth. One way of asking is: “Do you feel comfortable serving as a mentor based on your time availability.” 
  • If you feel like you connect with an attending, you can let them know that you think your interests align
  • If interested in asking someone for a recommendation letter, a helpful way of wording this is: “Do you think you know me well enough to write me a strong letter of rec?” You can ask to meet with them one-on-one to chat.

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